DNCollective is small community of people who love domains.

The forum

Our forum is a bit different to traditional forums. There are couple things, you should know before you post.

  • We don't have anything but posts

    No forums, categories, threads... Just posts.

  • Nested posts

    We don't quote/reference other posts in responses. Respond to a particular post instead.

  • Valuable posts

    Did you read a post that was of help to you? Learned something new or solved your problem? Reward author by upvoting his post. Use with caution, it's powerful.

  • Tags

    Adding new post? Tag it accordingly. People use tags to search for topics of interest. Do not use misleading tags.

  • Markdown

    Use Markdown to format your posts.

  • Becoming a member

    Our forum is free to join and use. No fees. However, you will need an invitation from a current member.