Just checked some stats I currently have, and LLLLL.com registrations are really slow these days. However, there is historically lowest number of 5L Chinese premiums available today, so it's not really that bad. Even to keep the availability number at the same level, we need a lot of registrations to cover drops, so registrations are still going, every day.

Something more visual

As you can see, still about the same, up and down about 369k.

I am just guessing here, but chances are, this could be caused by domain.com promo expiration.

Give it some time. Should be all gone before summer.

Just checked traffic on my 5L domains and the stats look strange (decline from Feb 25 to Mar 13).

Parking stats (500+ domains)

Morning folks. Checked 5Lstats again, availability chart is below.

Available 5L.com - Chinese premiums (last 7 days)

Maybe I should add a little bit more of a context to this chart.
So there is another one, with data ranging from 2/25/16. As you can see, the trend is flat atm.

Available 5L.com - Chinese premiums (2/25 - 3/20)

Just a quick update.

A lot of registrations in the last few days. we are now at 351-352k chips left. Stats were going even uphill in the last 2 months, so this is quiet surprising.

Note: guys at namepros do not allow me to post link to my blogforum, so I am not going to post the data/insights there anymore. It requires some effort to get the data, so I am sure you understand.